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What qualities should you possess to be successful in the IT industry?

The 90’s and the decade after that can be called as the decade of the IT or the Information Technology industry. The turn of the millennium saw a huge boom.  The infamous dotcom boom and burst through which many sailed through, but many were not so fortunate. Was there a problem with those who did not make it through?

Among many things, not having a clear understanding of the market demand was the reason that many confess as their reason for not making it. People followed the herd mentality. Since everyone is having a dotcom company, I should have it too was the thought process behind founding many an organization. A key point that I would like to highlight here is the difference between having a website with a .com domain and a dotcom company that was supposed to run like a business and generate revenue and create jobs etc.

Those with strong models of business sailed through. Those who did not have a model or those who had a misinterpreted understanding of the market could not.

As software professionals who experienced these times and are still in the same industry, it is worthwhile to check what qualities they have possessed or the characteristics they have imbibed over the years.

If you are an aspirant eager to enter the IT industry this article would come handy.

Has in-depth knowledge of programming

He or she has mastered the language of his choice in programming and can create and compute complex algorithms that form the core of any software application or program.

Is adaptable

The software professional is able to adapt to the situation quickly and modify his or her approach to the work at hand to ensure it stays relevant in this changing technology world.

Is dependable

And this is what makes him or her employable. Everyone wants an employee who they can depend on to complete a particular task without any issues.

Is self-motivated

Has the drive and the urge to learn and to do something new. This makes him an asset that employers want in their teams as it directly related to increased operational efficiency and value add.

Has a positive attitude

The software professional always has a positive attitude which gives him the motivation to see success; sometimes, in adverse conditions and impossible looking deadlines.

Is able to represent himself and the company well

The software professional has the sufficient domain knowledge and is able to represent the company and its brand properly in the outside market and can be called as the face of the company that he or she works for.

Fast forward to today, and we can see that the software companies are still looking for the same qualities in their employees. A few more requirements got added like the ability to unlearn certain things and learn them again in a different and more efficient way.

A reliable and dependable person is someone that every IT company is seeking and wishes to retain. It is a two-way bridge. The software professional also needs a platform to use his skills and the company needs his skills to meet their business objectives.

A strong work ethic is also something that makes the employee highly desirable. Having the highest integrity towards work and good governance and ethical practices in all stages of working also makes the company a good place to work for.

In conclusion, a good employee will see value in a good company and vice-versa. These are two sides of a coin that have changed over the last two decades and yet, some core principles have stayed the same and will do so for years to come.