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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It is a process of attracting more visitors to your website through natural and organic searches. When your website gets prominent ranks with major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. it increases the chances that potential customers get the products and services they are looking for. This means more visibility for your website. To make this more effective Professional Search Engine Services of Gadre Infotech play a major role.

Looking at the current trends, the traditional approach of a marketing strategy to advertise at popular events, in print media or at prime time spots on TV is simply not sufficient. Any organization that wishes to communicate with its potential customers, create brand awareness or simply describe its products or services must reach its target audience at a time when they are ready to receive that information.

You have got a great website but how will you draw your customer’s attention to it with millions of other competitors providing similar services? This is where the need of SEO services comes in picture. We optimize your website by increasing its chances to get higher ranks in the major search engines. We follow the white hat or Organic SEO techniques.


How Gadre Infotech can help you with your SEO needs?

Gadre Infotech offers a complete set of SEO services which include Organic Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Services and Social Media Marketing

Services We Offer:

Finding Keywords and Keyword Analysis

Analysing your current website, performing keyword density analysis and suggesting the exact keywords as per your services and your business vertical.

Link Building

Your website will always be supported by good quality back links.

Content Writing Services

Content on the website plays a critical and decisive role for top ranks on search engines. A content rich website will always be on the top few pages of major search engines. Our clear and concise content services will make sure that your target audience understands the importance of the product or service you offer. These services could be coupled with blog set up and press releases writing and distribution.

PPC Management

This service refers to the Pay- Per-Click Campaigns. It is a kind of business model which is used to attract traffic towards the website. In this model a company places an advertisement on the website. These are the advertisements which you see on a search engine result page. The company pays money to the host whenever the website visitor or search engine visitor clicks that advertisement. Google AdWords is the most popular among the PPC management services.

Landing Page Optimization

Whenever user searches for particular requirement through the search results he reaches the landing page of your website. Our LPO services ensure that visitor lands on the correct page and he gets the desired information, content and appealing appearance of the page.

Local SEO Services

Recent studies have revealed that people are usually looking for the products or services which are nearby to their current location. With our local SEO services we can optimize your page for local searches. This could involve various techniques such as adding a map on contact page, consistent address for all online presence, asking customers to leave a review etc.

On Page Optimization

We can help you in on page optimization through Content creation and optimization, title, meta creation and SEO friendly website designs.

Website Usability analysis

We will provide a detailed analysis of your website. This will help you understand where your website stands in today’s competitive age of Internet marketing. This will expose you to the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence and we will give you guidelines on how it can be improved.

Weekly SEO Performance Reports

After applying SEO services to your website, we provide detailed weekly reports of your websites on different search engines.

In the past few years Gadre Infotech has emerged as a prominent Search Engine Optimization company in India. We have been satisfying the customers across Pune, Mumbai and other important cities in India for their digital marketing needs.
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