Website Hosting Service

What is website hosting service?

It is a service using which people or organizations view websites through the worldwide web. Through web hosting services, your website files are stored in web servers which are high powered computers that are connected to a fast network. When you create a website you need to upload it on the web server so that other people will be able to see it. These servers are located in data centres and have built in back up centres to ensure continuity of service. In other words, web hosting is basically a computer network infrastructure for a website and emails. At Gadre Infotech we provide you the affordable web hosting services on Linux and Windows platforms. We provide you a control panel with which you can control your website by creating databases, taking back up and having email addresses for your organization.


We at Gadre Infotech provide the following best website hosting services deals via the following options:

Shared Web Hosting Services

In this service a single server is shared between many customers. It is a more affordable and easier way of maintaining your website as the web hosting company will take the charge of the maintenance. It offers less flexibility as compared to dedicated hosting and sharing of resources (server hardware and software) takes place.

Dedicated Web Hosting Services

In this service there will be a dedicated server for each client and separate resources for that client (no sharing of resources as in shared hosting). With this, website performance will increase. Client gets more authority and can customize as per their needs, thus providing more flexibility as well. However, this would require some technical knowledge at the client end. This option is costlier as compared to shared web hosting.

Cloud Web Hosting Services

Cloud hosting could be called as a balance between a dedicated and shared hosting service. In this, cloud servers share the same physical hardware of the server but can be virtually partitioned so that each partition can have its own dedicated resources. Thus, it could virtually work as a dedicated server, giving the agility at the same time providing cheaper Web Hosting Services.

Features of Web hosting services by Gadre Infotech

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free website building tools
  • Technical Support
  • Fast and easy set up
  • Various web hosting packages for SMEs and SMBs
  • Free Website templates
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