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What is Content management System (CMS)?

This is a software application which is used to create, modify, add, measure, optimize, and delete the digital content on web pages. In simple words, it is a system which manages the content in any form of digital data that is stored e.g. photo, video, text, audio, graphics etc. In a CMS, there are set procedures to manage the content which enable people to share vast amount of data, storage and retrieval of data etc. These are based on pre-created templates which act as platforms for pages to the website. The main function of a CMS is to manage content right from its creation to distribution and publishing.

Gadre Infotech specializes in developing Enterprise Content Management Systems in which an organization’s data, documents, details, content, records etc. are all managed through standard workflow, thus offering a consistent data experience.


What we offer for CMS services at Gadre Infotech?

Gadre Infotech is a leading Content Management Systems (CMS) Company in India. We offer following services.

Web Content Management

Document Management

Digital Asset Management

Enterprise Content Management

Why choose Gadre Infotech for Content Management Systems services?

  • Affordable, low cost CMS solutions fitting client’s budgets
  • Uncomplicated and simple interface and architecture
  • Trouble free implementation
  • Easy to use
  • Workflow management
  • Integrated online help
  • Template driven user interface
  • Customizable and adaptive
  • Wizard based upgrades and installs
  • User group creation and management in the simplest form

Content Management System development platforms at Gadre Infotech following platforms




The rise of CMS has basically simplified the life of non-technical authors who are now able to publish their content effectively and easily. However this is dependent on a good CMS. Gadre Infotech offers solutions for Content management that are customized for your requirements, giving a simple yet feature rich system that will help you maintain your data with ease.
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