Our Methodology

With a constantly changing technology landscape, executing IT projects is a big challenge. Every customer has unique requirements and meeting them while still being profitable is like a tight rope walk for IT service providers. Thankfully, both can be achieved using proven and widely accepted methodologies for the projects. At Gadre Infotech, the vision has always been to look ahead into the future and provide our clients with the best possible solutions in the most profitable ways. This has been possible by adopting standard methodologies that suit a particular requirement. Gadre Infotech adopts the following set of rules or systems methods to achieve successful project completion of software development and web development projects.

At Gadre Infotech, we study the client requirement in sufficient detail to be able to suggest a particular development methodology that will be most suitable for that particular project.


Following are the some methodologies that we follow


Agile Software Development

Agile Software Development having short term delivery cycles called sprints, this methodology requires the developers as well as other stakeholders to be very agile and work on focused set of requirements in a time boxed development period.

Waterfall Software Development

Waterfall software development his includes a phase wise approach to the project execution. Each phase is planned separately and completed before the next one begins. The methodology is not very suitable for large IT projects in today’s dynamic landscape, however, it does prove successful for short projects for specific client requirements.


Iterative software development

Iterative software development as the name suggests, this is a repetitive methodology starting with a partial list of requirements that are fulfilled, tested and deployed at the end of the each iteration in this development methodology. Often times, the requirements of subsequent iterations come out during the ongoing phases.