Locker Manager App – Document Management Mobile App

What is the Locker Manager application about?
Being organized and having access to the right data at the right time is what smart phones are all about. Imagine having a secure and safe record of your important documents, your entire life’s savings or the lovely ornaments that you made for your better half. This is what Locker Manager is about. It is a safe and passcode/password protected document management mobile app to keep a record of these important belongings in your household.
Don’t worry, the data is native to your mobile handset and we don’t even copy or save it on any servers what so ever. Go ahead and get one for yourself. In fact, every mobile phone owner in every family needs this to keep his or her information handy, safe and organized.

How popular is it?
To expose a hidden gem or a secret level in an online game, an inquisitive mind or a really keen observer is needed. We believe The Locker Manager is waiting for someone like that to kick off its popularity. Even with just a handful of users on our side currently, the rating is 4.2 on the Google play store. Once people see the user friendly interface and the true utility of this gem, we expect users to grow in thousands.

How do I get it?
This Android based mobile app can be downloaded on your mobile via Google Play or by scanning the QR code.

A one-time registration is required so that we can help you with any issues or get your feedback on improvements and features that you may want to see in this app in the future updates.

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