Multiuser Fish Tracker – Desktop Application- Gadre Infotech

What is the Fish Tracker System about?

Built for a medium to large fishing industry, the Fish Tracker is a multi user desktop application built on the Winforms and C#. A master list of fish suppliers and customers who purchase these fish is maintained in the software. Whenever the supplier sends over a stock of a particular type of fish an inward entry is created and a unique inward number is generated for this lot. When a customer purchases the lot, a corresponding outward entry and a number is also generated. It also has features like creating bills for purchases, keeping a track of the sales as per fish type or as per customer. It has a SQL server at its back end, providing a robust reporting feature that allows you to generate reports by fish type, by supplier type, customer type, by rate or without rate.
Gadre Infotech is one of the top companies is India providing software solutions to SMEs and follows best practices for desktop application development. Our desktop application is feature rich having following main attributes:

  • Purchase bill generation: Bills can be generated as per the transaction dates and suppliers with details like fish pattern type, weight of the lot provided and the rate.
  • Customer master: Maintenance of various customers as per the fish they usually purchase, the agreed rates and quantity of purchase can be defined.
  • Supplier master: Maintenance of various suppliers as per the fish they usually supply, the rates for the specific types of fish and any other attributes are stored for billing and report generation.
  • Report Generation: Fish type purchase and sale, with and without rate purchases and sales

How popular is it?

It is extensively used by our client Jeelani Marine for their daily inward and outward stock tracking and billing.

How do I get it?
Call us on +91 2352 231640 and we will be happy to arrange a discussion/demo for you at a date and time of your convenience.