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Top Ten Checklists for Best Websites

How would you choose the best website among the ones you visit?

There are many points depending on individual preferences.

Someone might prefer a sports related website, someone would be stuck to a video streaming channel like YouTube while someone might be interested in puzzles or news related websites. But irrespective of the choice of the subject there are certain websites which receive more visitors than the others. The following 10 points can be touted as the reasons behind a website becoming a hit.

1. Use of colourful yet simple graphics

This will surely be a pleasure to the visitor’s eyes. If he has searched your website on Google and finally reached your website, it is your duty to make him stick to your website in order to get the right benefit of the visitor.

2. Better navigation

If the visitor finds it easy to browse through your website he will tend to spend a longer time on the website. He will enjoy surfing through various links and browsing through the pages of information that you wish to portray.

3. Search Tab

In order to give quick and right results to the website viewer, A search function is essential and it is typically provided on the top right hand corner of the homepage. Through this tab user can quickly search for the information they are looking for and without wasting too much time.

4. Deliver what the user wants

Why would a user visit a website again and again? Surely this will happen if the website delivers the matter the user is looking for. e.g. I am studying English Literature. I visit a website which gives me the best information about a particular writer and his works. I will surely bookmark this website and continue to visit it for more information on the topic of my liking.

5. Social Media Integration

Social media plays a very important part in making a website popular. Whenever we find something interesting, we consume it and then we tend to share it with others we feel can benefit from that information. If a website is enabled with social media integration, it becomes very easy for the visitor to share this within his social network – thus increasing the viewership of your website and its popularity.

6. Multilingual

If your business is global and your potential customers are across the world, it is necessary that your website is Multilingual. Depending on the viewers and customers of your product or service, your website must have versions of that language. The viewers will be really happy to get the information that you wish to share, in their language. Keep English as the base or default language and get your website done in Spanish, French or German to cater to your target audience. Do not limit yourself to these languages, if your target geography is Asia, you cannot ignore Chinese and Japanese languages. So make sure you get the website multilingual to help all these people access and navigate through your site with ease.

7. Content is King

This should be your top priority and sufficient importance must be given to the content, probably even more than the functionality that you want on the website. Let the visitor come to your website searching for information on the search engines. The only thing that will bring them to your site is the content. Make sure the right keywords and the right density of keywords is maintained and the ranking of your website will improve; resulting in people finding information faster.

8. Update the content often

Blogs, articles and information that the viewers want to read should be updated almost on a daily basis. Google also loves those websites that update its content frequently.

9. Responsive design

In the world of smart phones that people use to access the data; your website must be responsive to various screen sizes. If needed, hire a professional design company and get the website responsive to cater to the most common screen sizes available.

10. Ensure browser compatibility

Browsers are available free and there is no control over who prefers which browser. Make sure your website complies with the most popular browsers and rest assured, you are catering to your target audience in a great way.

In summary, if these points are followed while getting your website designed, updated or upgraded, you tend to have a larger viewership and a better return on investment. If you have come across any more points that may be critical, feel free to mention them in the comments section. We are always open to updating our knowledge and professional information.