Vehicle Maintenance System – Trip Expense, Fuel Expense, Maintenance Expense

What is the Vehicle Maintenance System software?

A growing business needs infrastructure and resources to fulfil its business objectives. For any organization that has more than one vehicle deployed in service for its operations, our vehicle maintenance system is a life saver. Managing the trip expenses for each vehicle along with detailed reminders for PUC renewals, Insurance renewals and Maintenance and servicing renewals provides a complete overview of the daily tasks and keeps a track on the mileage per vehicle. Vehicle Maintenance System by Gadre Infotech is a multiuser desktop application developed using Winforms & C# .Net which maintains vehicle wise track of the Trip Expense, Fuel Expense and Maintenance records. The system also has inbuilt reports such as maintenance type, report by driver and individual trip reports.

Gadre Infotech follows best practices for desktop application development.

It is a feature rich desktop application having following attributes

  • Trip Expense: Trip expenses include all the expense incurred on Lunch/Dinner, fuelling, Mobile recharge and other spending by the driver and cleaner.
  • Fuel Expense: Fuel Expenses are the records of the sum paid at fuelling station. While recording this expenses the current running of the vehicle (in km) is also recorded which helps to calculate mileage given by the vehicle. Mileage calculation also helps in calculating driver’s performance
  • Maintenance Expense: Maintenance expenses include Oiling, Greasing, Tyre Remoulding/ Replacement and other maintenance types.
  • Report Generation: Fuel statement, vehicle/driver wise report, trip expense report

How popular is it?

Vehicle Maintenance System is currently being used by Ms. Jeelani Marine to track their fleet of vehicles.

How do I get it?

Call us on +91 2352 231640 and we will be happy to arrange a discussion/ demo for you at a date and time of your convenience.