Stock Keeping App – Inventory Management Mobile Application

What is the Stock keeping application about?
Stock Keeping is an inventory management mobile application which enables organization to maintain stock records quickly and accurately. Integrating seamlessly with wired and wi-fi bar code scanners, this app is a must have in your shop or warehouse. We even built a compatible desktop application for you to get reports in MS Excel. This mobile app on Android platform will help you in managing your inventory smartly.

How popular is it?
We have over 100 satisfied users who have made us proud by rating us 5.0 on the Google play store for this mobile app. With features that cater to small to medium sized businesses, the popularity of this app is growing manifold in the business communities.

How do I get it?
This Android based mobile app can be downloaded on your mobile via Google Play or by scanning the QR code.

A one-time registration is required so that we can help you with any issues or get your feedback on improvements and features that you may want to see in this app in the future updates.

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