Hindi Learn App android Mobile App – Helps Learn Hindi Vowels and Consonant

What is the Learn Hindi app about?
With the advent of technology and disruptive learning modes information is available to users at the tip of their fingers. There is a clear shift from traditional teaching methods to E-learning and M-Learning (Mobile based learning). With reference language learning, languages are no longer barriers in communication, but are bridges to bring people of diverse culture, speaking different languages closer to each other and help growth of international business. The national language of India – Hindi is one of the most widely spoken language and its popularity is increasing with international releases of Bollywood films. Gadre Infotech’s Learn Hindi is an android mobile app that helps you learn Hindi vowels and consonants on your mobile. Targeted at users of 3+ years and above, the app also features quizzes and fun activities to make learning interesting.

How popular is it?

With more than 5000 downloads and a rating of 3.8 on the Google play store, Learn Hindi user base in growing and we believe it will soon be a must have for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the language spoken by more than 180 million native speakers in India and across the world.

How do I get it?

This Android based mobile app can be downloaded on your mobile via Google Play or by scanning the QR code.

A one-time registration is required so that we can help you with any issues or get your feedback on improvements and features that you may want to see in this app in the future updates.

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