Interactive Desktop Application for English Language Learning

What is Gurukul English Learning Software?

Language learning is fun when it is made interactive. Language is the basic source of communication which we use to share our thoughts with others. People use various ways to learn a language; they use audio books, watch television shows, they read books and communicate with others in that language. English is an internationally accepted and widely spoken language in various countries. Even when two people from two different countries come together they use English as the connecting point to initiate the conversation. Gurukul English is an English language learning software by Gadre Infotech which helps you learn the language online in a faster way.

This interactive E learning software for English language has different levels in the learning process. The level of difficulty increases with the advanced topics. This learning software has questions at the end of each topic. It is made entertaining with the help of quizzes and fun games.

How popular is it?

This desktop application for English language learning is gaining popularity day by day. Currently it is being used in Municipals schools in few cities of India.

How do I get it?

It would be a great help for educational institutes, schools and language lovers to have it easily accessible at their computers. Call us now on +91 2352 231640 and let us offer you the learning software customized to your needs.