Gate Pass System – Visitor Management System

What is the Gate Pass System about?

Any organization that has visitors in its premises be it in the industrial or manufacturing area or a corporate office, must keep proper track of the visitors and ensure the visitors carry proper id tags and visitor passes. A manual entry process is cumbersome and tends to be prone to errors. Gadre Infotech’s Gate Pass System is desktop application software for Visitor management to the organization’s premises. This software application is built on Winform, C# and uses MS Access as the backend database. It helps organizations manage the daily visitors to their premises by providing a simple interface and easy to use drop down menu driven software that can be easily used by anyone. The system helps standardize the process and dashboard functionality even provides the count of visitors in at any point of time and the total visitors for each day. Saving and printing the pass is also very easy with a dedicated save and print button. The Gate pass system is a must have for all small, medium and large organizations that wish to keep record of visitors for compliance and reporting as well.

How popular is it?

Gate Pass System is currently being used in our facility at Gadre Marine with excellent results.

How do I get it?

In case, you are looking for a visitor management system, call us on (02352)231640/231718 and we will be happy to arrange a discussion/ demo for you at a date and time of your convenience.