Bill and Stock Management – Restaurant and Bar Billing System

What is the restaurant and bar billing system?

Created for restaurants of all sizes, this desktop application is built to handle the restaurants billing system. The software is built using Winframes and C# and is capable of generating table wise bills for cash as well as credit transactions. This software application for restaurants and bars built by Gadre Infotech has the following main features:

Table wise bill generation: Generates bill for each table by adding and including the order placed by the customers at that table.

Kitchen Order Ticket generation: Once the customer confirms the order and it is added into the application by the user, a Kitchen order ticket (KOT) is also generated which can be placed into the restaurant kitchen for preparing the food.

Manage material stock: Since it tracks the orders and food items as per the customers, it is very easy to keep the record of material and ingredient stock in the restaurant. For e.g. counter stock and warehouse stock of certain ingredients can be easily tracked and order placed for the same in case the stock falls below preset thresholds.

How popular is it?

The application is extensively used by restaurants in and around Ratnagiri and is growing in usage as more and more people find it very useful and lightweight to easily manage their restaurants orders; providing them error free bills and satisfied customers.

How do I get it?

Call us on +91 2352 231640 to arrange a discussion and demo of how the application could give your restaurant an edge over your competitors by ensuring an error free billing every time. Keeping stock of various ingredients and managing them is an added bonus.